About the company

I am Gal Žvegelj, by profession master of
pharmacy. I am founder of company Vaze cosmetics, which produces natural
cosmetics. Since I spent a lot of time in touch with nature, I started making
various natural preparations as a hobby. During my studies, I also started
making cosmetics, which I gradually improved and now I created my own cosmetics

With help of my professional knowledge, I have
developed formulations that are stable and long-lasting, and with further study
of natural ingredients, I have achieved that the creams contain only
high-quality and health-friendly ingredients for skin care.

The ingredients I use are well established in
cosmetics, and their safety and effectiveness on the skin have been
scientifically proven.

Our products

Since the cosmetics are of natural origin, they
are suitable for all skin types.

All cosmetic products are produced in
accordance with the guidelines of good manufacturing practice (GMP), which
ensures that the products are consistently produced and controlled according to
the relevant standards.

Since the company is environmentally friendly,
we try to use sustainable packaging, which you can return after use.

In addition to cosmetics, the online store also
offers handcrafted products. Most of the pieces are unique, so the stock is
constantly changing.